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Q – What kind of wood are your toys made of?

All our toys are manufactured from dying natural rubber trees plantation located within 30 kilometers (approx. 19 miles) radius from our manufacturing plant in Trang, Thailand. Generally, after 25 years, those trees no longer produce latex so we turn them into useful products for children. Moreover, we apply no fertilizer to the soil three years prior to cutting the trees down in order to ensure their purity.

Q – Are your toys safe for children?

At PlanToys, we realize that the safety of your children is of the utmost importance. We want to assure every parent that all PlanToys products comply with rigorous safety standards. Our toys meet our own stringent in-house standards and fulfill or exceed the European (EN71) and American (ASTM) safety requirements.

We do not utilize Formaldehyde Glue and apply only Organic Color Pigment and Water-based Dyes for all the products.
Non-Formaldehyde Glue is a certified E-Zero formaldehyde free glue.
• By applying eco-friendly material such as Organic Color Pigment, the products are not only safe for children but also for our environment.
Water-based Dyes are our sole selection of material which is safer than chemical dyes which contain lead or any other heavy metals.

Q – Is it safe for children to put toys in their mouths?

Yes. Our toys are made from replenishable rubberwood which is preservative free and naturally processed. Since no harmful additives or colorings are used and our water-based paints are safety certified, it poses no health hazard if a child put it in his/her mouth by accident.

Q – Can I know more about your safety and quality including any certifications you have?

We are EN71 and ASTM certified manufacturer. You may visit our safety certification resources to learn more about our certifications.

Q – Where can I buy PlanToys?

You can browse to find out a physical store near you that stocks PlanToys® For those who find online shopping more convenient, we also list out online stores that offer our products in your country and territory.

Please note that not all the physical stores carry a full list of merchandises, so we urge customers to always call to check with the stores before making their trip there.

Currently, via our Official Online Brand Store, the delivery can be made available only to addresses in the United States and Thailand. We will keep you posted as soon as we are able to offer delivery to any other countries and territories. Please register to our newsletter subscription to be informed of any major updates and offers we will regularly have.

Q – I need to assemble a toy. Can I get an Assembly Instruction?

You may find a list of all our current Assembly Instructions available here.

If you are not sure or unable to identify which item you have, you may visit our Customer Support to upload a snapshot of the item image so our support team can assist you to point you out to the right instruction.

Q – How do I play your toy?

We have provided both VDOs and static images to help you and your child learn to play our toy in no time. Please visit our PlanToys VDO Demo Channel on YouTube or download our static instructions which can guide you how to play step-by-step. Please contact us if you still need additional help on this matter.

Q – Can I purchase any replacement parts?

Yes. If any of the parts of your PlanToys® purchases were missing, broken, bitten by your good old pet, or defective, we would be happy to send you replacements at reasonable charges.

Please ensure that you include the following information:
1. Product name and/or code
2. Batch Number (optional)
3. Name of part required
4. Purchase date and store name (optional)
5. Your name, complete address, and contact details for postal
6. If it’s a manufacturing defect, we’d appreciate a photograph of the toy to help our Quality Assurance and Engineering team research to prevent the problem.

Please visit our Customer Support to send us details and upload your photos. You may also find how to report a defective toy as follows.

Q – How can I report a defective toy? 

If you believe our toy has a manufacturing defect, importantly please upload a photograph of the toy so our Quality Assurance and Engineering team can study the defect to identify the problems for future prevention.

To ensure the problem is taken care of properly, we would need from you the following information:

• Product name and/or code
• Photograph(s) of the defect
• Batch Number – a 6-digit no. appears near the barcode.








• Purchase date and store name (optional).

We thank you for your support and hope that the defects you found will not discourage you away from our toys. We promise to work harder every day to always make an improvement to our products.

Q – I have some suggestions on your toy or design idea I’d like to submit. Can I discuss with you?

Of course, we welcome your suggestion and are always listen to our customers. We are open to any possible collaboration with our customers in order to ensure they enjoy the full and most meaningful benefits of our toys.

Please send your suggestion and/or design proposal via our Customer Support.

Q – As an importer or a retailer, I would like to distribute PlanToys in my country. How may I proceed?

Please send us your business or store profile with contact information stating the country or territory you plan to market PlanToys at Customer Support. Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss in details.

We look forward to partnering with you soon!


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